Succulent Plant Flowers

Aug 23rd 2012

Succulent Plant Flowers

Succulents are typically grown for their foliage. The unique shapes and leaf colors are the main attraction for these plants. However, succulents also display pretty little flowers.

Because the foliage of succulents is so showy, it is commonly mistaken for a flower. Colorful Echeveria plants are frequently used in bouquets and flower arrangements where they are called “echeveria flowers.” These are the plants, not the flowers. Succulent plant flowers are typically dainty and grow on a flower stalk.

Some succulents only produce flowers after years of growth. Several die after flowering. However, many succulent plants produce flowers year after year. Each variety will flower in a slightly different season; spring, summer, or fall.

The flowers on succulents may be small, but they are just as unique and beautiful as the plants themselves.

This variety of sedum produces small pink flowers in the summer. The flowers on sedums are star-shaped.

Red Carpet Sedum Pink Flowers

Echeveria Puldonis has yellow, bell-shaped flowers in spring.

Echeveria Yellow Flower

Cotyledon Happy Young Lady has spectacular flowers in the summer.

Flowers on Happy Young Lady Succulent

Tricolor sedum plant has pale pink flower clusters in late summer.

Tricolor Sedum Flowers

Sempervivum will bloom throughout the summer. These succulents die after blooming. The flower color varies from variety to variety.

Sempervivum Flower

Coral Carpet sedum is covered with tiny white blooms in early summer.

Coral Carpet Sedum White Flowers

Jovibarba, which are very closely related to Sempervivum, also die after flowering.

Jovibarba Hen and Chick Flower

Coral Reef sedum displays delicate yellow flowers in the summer.

Coral Reef Sedum Flowers