Air Plants

Aeranthos Tillandsia Air Plant


This tillandsia's graceful curving leaves fan out like the top of a palm tree. The intense green leaves help to highlight the remarkable blooms: pink inflorescences and light blue flowers. Aeranthos air plant is a very resistant and non-demanding variety...

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Air Plant Fertilizer


Ready to use Air Plant Food. 4oz spray bottle. This solution has the perfect balance of nutrients to keep your air plant healthy and help it thrive. It is urea nitrogen free and mixed at the proper ratio. Just mist plants once a week until the foliage is...

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Albida Tillandsia Air Plant


With very stiff , near white leaves, this long growing plant is a treasure. When blooming it produces white flowers on long dark red spikes. Albida is considered one of the whitest tillandsias.Cold Hardiness Zones: 10-11; View MapCold Hardy to 30° to...

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Duratii Tillandsia Air Plant, 4-6"


The plant becomes large and can produce big bundles. Produces attractive blue to violets flowers. Plus its flowers are fragrant! Native Region: Dry forests of South America (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay) Cold Hardiness Zones: 10-11; View MapCold Hardy to...

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Funckiana Tillandsia Air Plant 5-6''


Tillandsia Funckiana is a very interesting variety. It's form is different from most air plants and resembles a cat's tail. The delicate leaves give it a hairy texture as it grows continuously longer. It has red flowers. Cold Hardiness Zones: 10-11; View...

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Oaxacana Feldhofi Tillandsia Air Plant


It produces many curved leaves, forming a rosette, from where a large flower stalk appears from time to time. It develops a big orange colored spike and flowers violet. Native Region: Mexico, at low altitude, on oaks and conifers Cold Hardiness Zones:...

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Schiedeana Tillandsia Air Plant


Thin, crooked leaves that appear whiteish. When blooming it produces a cherry red spike with large yellow flowers. Schiedeana can be grown with lots of light and does well outside. Cold Hardiness Zones: 10-11; View MapCold Hardy to 30° to 40°F...

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Tectorum Ecuador Tillandsia Air Plant, 6-7"


This tillandsia looks like it just drifted down out of a snow cloud. It's thick covering of fine white hair gives it a frosted look. Tectorum Ecuador has a tight, extremely furry texture. This is considered one of the hardiest air plant varieties...

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Fun to Grow Tillandsias!

Exotic, fascinating and alluring are all words to describe air plants. There's something about a plant that you don't actually plant that appeals to people. Tillandsia air plants are like the rebels of the plant kingdom. They aren't afraid to swim against the stream and be a little different.

How to Care for Air Plants

Air Plants, or Tillandsia are members of the bromeliad family.