Spruce - Picea

Pixie Alberta Spruce


Picea glauca 'Pixie' is one of the tiniest of dwarf Alberta spruces. Pixie Alberta Spruce grows in a very dense, compact tree with short, dark green needles. This mini spruce grows best in full sun with plenty of moisture and good drainage. In areas with...

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Jean's Dilly Alberta Spruce


Picea glauca 'Jean's Dilly' (pronounced "John's") is much smaller, tighter and slower growing that other Alberta Spruce. It grows in a tight form, making it ideal for small areas. Discovered in 1981, this extraordinary variety honors plantsman Jean Iseli...

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Humpty Dumpty Alberta Spruce


Picea glauca 'Humpty Dumpty' is an extremely dense and plump Alberta Spruce. Humpty Dumpty grows slowly in a round egg shape. A true dwarf variety Humpty Dumpty Dwarf Alberta Spruce is naturally compact and never requires any shearing. It's a great...

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