Air Plants

Schiedeana Tillandsia Air Plant


Thin, crooked leaves that appear whiteish. When blooming it produces a cherry red spike with large yellow flowers. Schiedeana can be grown with lots of light and does well outside. Cold Hardiness Zones: 10-11; View MapCold Hardy to 30° to 40°F...

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Xerographica Tillandsia Air Plant, 4"


This tillandsia is referred to as the King of air plants, and rightly so. It is stunning! Wide silvery leaves bend and wriggle as they grow, giving this air plant an impressive, unique look. It grows slowly, but can get extremely large. The flowers are...

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Tectorum Ecuador Tillandsia Air Plant, 2"


This tillandsia looks like it just drifted down out of a snow cloud. It's thick covering of fine white hair gives it a frosted look. Tectorum Ecuador has a tight, extremely furry texture. This is considered one of the hardiest air plant varieties...

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Fun to Grow Tillandsias!

Exotic, fascinating and alluring are all words to describe air plants. There's something about a plant that you don't actually plant that appeals to people. Tillandsia air plants are like the rebels of the plant kingdom. They aren't afraid to swim against the stream and be a little different.

How to Care for Air Plants

Air Plants, or Tillandsia are members of the bromeliad family.