Cleaning Up Sedum Plants

Jan 10th 2014

Cleaning Up Sedum Plants

After a season of growth and a long dormant winter, Sedums can be pretty overgrown and ratty looking. To keep them looking their best it may be helpful to prune them back in the early spring.

Different varieties of Sedums behave differently during the winter. Some are herbaceous and die back to the ground. Other are deciduous, losing their leaves in winter. Finally, some varieties are evergreen.

If you don't give your deciduous and evergreen sedums a haircut they will develop bald spots around the crown of the plant. As sedums spread they tend to only keep leaves near the end of the stem. By trimming the plants back it will encourage new growth for a more full and well shaped plant.

We have found that sedums do okay with pruning at practically any time of the year. Whenever your sedums are looking a little overgrown or threadbare, prune them back with scissors and they will be full looking again within a couple weeks.