Hen & Chick Color in Spring

May 16th 2013

Hen & Chick Color in Spring

Spring in Oregon is amazing. The rain from the winter finally pays off and everything bursts to life with a splash of color. Bright greens, pinks, reds and yellows cover the foliage. Sempervivums and the rest of the succulents are no different.

For many hen and chick varieties this is when they are looking their best and most vibrant. They have woken up from their winter dormancy and started growing again. The colors are stunning. Once the summer heat comes, the coloring begins to fade on some varieties. Many of the reds turn green. But right now, in Spring, they are simply amazing!

Young's Garden hens and chicks fill greenhouses and spill into overflow areas with other plants. In addition to our succulents online, we also have a complete garden center in Roseburg, Oregon. As I walk through the succulents I am constantly discovering a new "favorite" variety. They change so much in a couple months that they seem like completely new plants.

Hen and Chick Spring Color