Springtime Blooms... for this Succulent

Feb 18th 2015

Springtime Blooms... for this Succulent

This little succulent plant welcomes spring each year with an early bouquet of delicate pink flowers. Not just amazing for their unique growing shapes, succulents can also add bright colors to your garden with their one-of-a-kind flowers.

This compact succulent is aptly named Crassula 'Springtime'. With the majority of succulent plants blooming in the summer, this one makes a great addition to containers for a bit of early color. Flowers will begin to appear between late winter and early spring. The star-shaped, pale pink flowers contrast beautifully with the pure dark green foliage of the succulent. After its initial heavy set of blooms, it will continue to produce bright pink clusters throughout spring and summer.

'Springtime' can be grown indoors at room temperature year round. Put it in a bright spot and enjoy. In the summer, if it is getting too much heat leaves will begin to drop. In winter it should not be kept outside if temperatures dip below freezing. The compact, slow growth of this crassula makes it perfect for small windowsill containers. It will reach up to 6" tall, and can be pinched back at any time.

Similar to echeveria, sempervivum and other succulents, crassula need excellent draining soil and full sun to light shade. During the plant's growing season (late winter- summer) water it regularly for the best growth. During the winter, watering can be cut back to almost nothing. Above all, remember, succulents are easy to care for and can thrive on neglect. The best thing you can do with your succulents is to just enjoy them.